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20 Years of Excellence

20 Years of Excellence

From its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Albinati Aeronautics kicked off Friday February 26 a year of celebration for its 20th anniversary.

For the last two decades, Albinati Aeronautics has been at the forefront of dedication and passion in the business aviation industry, unanimously recognized for its outstanding quality service, personal attention and safety.

The company has been successful since 2001 and has experienced consistent fleet growth every year since. This has allowed Albinati Aeronautics to maintain and consolidate its position as a key Swiss and European operator, even during these challenging times.

Albinati Aeronautics takes off in its 20th year with an ever larger fleet of 22 aircraft, now comprising three latest generation Global 7500.

We would like to seize this opportunity to warmly thank our loyal customers, who renew their trust in our company year after year and whose interests, safety and satisfaction we will continue to place at the heart of our corporate strategy.

We also thank our reliable partners, who have been standing by our side to serve our customers at best.

Finally, we thank our teams, as our success is built on their knowledge and know-how, their motivation and experience.

We look forward to flying with you during this promising year!