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Flights from and to St Barthélemy

Located in the northern Caribbean, the island of Saint Barthélemy, also known as St. Barth, is a French territory that combines charm and beauty.

This 25 square kilometre island is known worldwide for its spectacular beaches and breathtaking views. St. Barth is one of the most select islands in the Caribbean, and is highly appreciated by celebrities and the international jet set, especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays. 

Its popularity is mainly due to its inaccessibility, as the island has only a short runway with only small turboprop aircraft and a small port in which cruise ships cannot dock. That is why, unlike other Caribbean islands, you will not encounter tourist groups in St. Barth.

This paradisiacal volcanic island is surrounded by a shallow reef with a multitude of exotic fish and multicoloured corals, one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean for diving.

You can also enjoy the many nautical events that are organized there. St-Barth, whose culture and cuisine are clearly French, also offers excellent hotels, gourmet restaurants and many high-end shops. The place has everything you could dream of for a luxury stay, ideal for a good winter sunbathing. 

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