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The Falcon 8X – joins Albinati Aeronautics’ rapidly growing fleet

The Falcon 8X – joins Albinati Aeronautics’ rapidly growing fleet

The flagship of Dassault business jets, the Falcon 8X is the vogue business jet of the moment among Dassault aficionados. With only few produced and operating worldwide, it is the French manufacturer’s latest model.

The Falcon 8X marks Albinati Aeronautics’ 4th additional plane in less than a year - a testament to the company’s immaculate reputation and reliability as a leader in private aviation management. With the Falcon 8X on the ramp, clients will now have access to the latest in quality and innovation for every international charter flight need.

Its state-of-the-art FalconEye technology gives Albinati Aeronautics’ pilots an unprecedented level of situational awareness, which means top of the line safety for everyone on board.

The exclusive Falcon 8X can fly farther than any Falcon before it, arriving nonstop from Hong Kong to Paris, London to Cape Town, and Los Angeles to Beijing. The added distance is just one of the many highlights of this extraordinary jet, which also offers the quietest cabin of any Falcon.

As a premier provider of business jet management services for a multi-brand fleet, Albinati Aeronautics relies on a highly qualified in-house CAMO team composed of expert engineers, guaranteeing the best in aircraft maintenance supervision and ensuring the highest levels of safety and reliability.

The new Falcon 8X is available for charter. For additional information regarding the Albinati Aeronautics fleet and charter flights, please send an email to and for information regarding aircraft management services, please send an email to