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Seamless Wi-Fi At Any Altitude

Seamless Wi-Fi At Any Altitude

Albinati Aeronautics is expanding its high-speed WiFi connectivity offer to passengers

The new JetWave service is a state-of-the-art system offered on the Bombardier Global 5000 and the Falcon 8X aircraft. More Global aircraft are earmarked for JetWave connectivity from 2020 too. It is a coveted upgrade to two already high specified models, which enable high-speed connectivity from the moment the aircraft takes off: video streaming, conferencing, telephone calls, music and movie downloads are now made easier, as well as access to private company networks, online shopping or watching live TV. The system uses a global network engineered offering seamless internet for an in-home experience from take-off to touchdown. The system also helps Albinati Aeronautics’ crew to provide passengers with an even smoother flight. A variety of tools  improves the ability  to navigate weather better, to save even more fuel and to better control data usage on board. The JetWave system has been designed by Honeywell Aerospace, global leaders in the aeronautic communications industry.

Albinati Aeronautics’ Maintenance Supervision Manager, Yannick Dind, explained the value of the new feature: “The JetWave satellite communication system enables high-speed, internet connectivity service wherever our Global 5000 and Falcon 8X fly. It is reliable and consistent, allowing our passengers to access a genuinely seamless internet service at up to 51,000ft. Passengers can now spend flight time as productive or entertained as they like. They can follow stocks and track the latest news and information in the marketplace, monitor financial markets, or just use a favourite streaming device to watch television and relax.”

Albinati Aeronautics’ Global 5000 is a luxurious long-range business jet designed to carry up to 12 passengers in premium comfort. Capable of flying 10 hours non-stop, it also has short-field performance – allowing the Bombardier aircraft to use restrictive airports with only 1500 m long runways. This ability boosts the number of landing places available and saves passengers time by taking them closer to their final destination. The Global 5000 offers Albinati Aeronautics’ passengers an exclusive world of comfort and fine dining. The aftsection is separated from the cabin by a sliding door. This area can be converted into a comfortable king-size bed suite, so passengers feel more relaxed when they arrive at their destination, anywhere in the world. There is also direct access to a private restroom and closet, as well as to the baggage compartment. The mid-section of the Global 5000 offers two single and one double bed accommodation, too.

The Albinati Aeronautics’ Falcon 8X is an ultra-long range business jet that can fly 13 hours at high speed, offering a greater range and fuel efficiency. It also features short-field performance to land at even more airfields around the world. With the ability to carry up to 12 passengers, the Falcon’s luxurious cabin is equipped for business, entertainment and relaxation. Both the mid and aft section can also be converted into bedroom suites.

Albinati Aeronautics operates the largest fleet of Bombardier Global aircraft in Switzerland. Ensuring a safe and pleasant flight to your destination of choice is standard operating procedure at Albinati Aeronautics and a vital part of our commitment to providing the highest quality private business aviation services in Europe and beyond.

We are one of the unique business aviation companies to offer an in-house operations department, available around the clock every day of the year, to plan your travel to even the most remote destinations.

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