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Falcon 50EX owner sees the benefits of Honeywell’s Ovation Select®

Falcon 50EX owner sees the benefits of Honeywell’s Ovation Select®

Albinati Aeronautics is a Geneva-based business aviation company that, along with its Maltese sister company Albinati Aviation Ltd, provides a range of services including aircraft management and maintenance supervision. The owner of a Falcon 50EX under its care was looking to replace the ageing cabin in its aircraft with a new state-of-the-art system. Albinati Aeronautics recommended Honeywell’s Ovation Select and supervised the completion of work by Duncan Aviation in the United States. Thanks to Ovation Select’s compatibility with iPhones and iPads, the aircraft’s passengers can now listen to their music, watch videos and view their photographs while in the air. And even younger passengers have found it to be easy to use and convenient.

Founded in 2001 by Stefano Albinati, who has an extensive background in business and private aviation, Albinati Aeronautics is one of the rare family-managed companies operating in the aviation solutions industry. The company’s core activities are aircraft management, sales and acquisitions, maintenance supervision and chartering of business jets worldwide. Its aircraft maintenance supervision services include coordinating and monitoring all scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance and ensuring that it is carried out only by approved centres.
Albinati Aeronautics’ service also provides accurate costs analysis and control, renewal of airworthiness certificates and reviewing, filing and safekeeping of all technical records. Among 18 aircraft, either privately or commercially operated under Swiss or Maltese Air Operator Certificates (AOC), Albinati Aeronautics has managed an Isle of Man registered Falcon 50EX since it was delivered to its current owner in 2014.

Business Need 
Soon after taking delivery of the Falcon jet, its new owner identified a need to overhaul the cabin with a new state-of-the-art entertainment system. The aircraft would make frequent flights, some of them journeys of several hours duration, and it was important that passengers would be able to travel in comfort with modern business and entertainment systems such as those they make use of at their offices and homes. “Before the owner bought this aeroplane it was fitted with an old-style interior – like something from the 1970s,” said Fabien Rousse, Continuing Airworthiness Coordinator, Albinati Aeronautics. "The owner wanted the ability to display slide shows on the cabin monitors, to listen to music and to have a system that was compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads. The system also needed to be easy to use by families of the company executives who sometimes travel on board."

Honeywell’s Ovation Select cabin management system, based on reliable state-of-the-art digital technology and nearly 40 years of expertise, delivers the ultimate in entertainment and in-flight productivity. Ovation Select seamlessly integrates the latest consumer electronics into the cabin so that passengers can simply carry them on and plug them in. It means that by using the Honeywell cabin control application, passengers can use their personal mobile devices to control their environment, including lighting, seats, temperature, galley and window shades.
For entertainment, Blu-ray films, gaming and music are all delivered with high definition 1080p video and clear surround sound audio throughout the entire cabin. Both wired and wireless Ethernet connectivity options are available. After reviewing the options for its customer’s Falcon 50EX, Albinati Aeronautics recommended the Ovation Select system, which was installed by Honeywell partner Duncan Aviation in the United States.

Within the first four months of operating the aircraft with Ovation Select, the owner has been delighted with its ease of use and there haven’t been any technical issues. “The system is very friendly and easy to use,” said Fabien Rousse. “That’s one of the reasons why we selected it – you don’t need a manual to use it. You don’t need to be a specialist of entertainment systems to use it, so it’s easy to use for the entire family. “The owner is very happy with Ovation Select and the fact that you can connect your iPhone and iPad to it. It’s a nice system. “Even when kids are travelling on board, they can connect their phone or their tablet to the system and watch videos or listen to music. It’s really convenient and really friendly.”

Honeywell/Albinati Aeronautics, June 2015