COVID-19 Updates: PCR test with result in less than 40 minutes guaranteed from Geneva.

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Albinati Aeronautics takes the necessary measures against Coronavirus

Albinati Aeronautics takes the necessary measures against Coronavirus

In response to the emergence and spread of COVID-19, Albinati Aeronautics has taken significant restrictions since last Friday to continue operating at full capacity while protecting its customers and employees. 
The company's management has decided to reduce the number of employees present at the Geneva office and to set up an efficient teleworking system. We are operating all of our customers flights, and our customer service is always available 24/7.

Since several weeks we have reinforced our requirements with rigorous deep cleaning and disinfecting protocol for our fleet and offices. All our crews, employees and partners meet our regulatory requirements and our own elevated standards. Albinati Aeronautics also comply to all the recommendations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), in order to protect passengers and crews on board.

It is important to note that private aviation allows passengers to avoid crowds, especially at airports thanks to separate, private and exclusive airport terminals. By using private jets, you will have a limited number of contacts, they will be limited to a few airport agents and the crew who have taken all necessary security measures. Our additional private car or helicopter transfer services also prevent you from being in contact with other people and therefore protect yourself from potential exposure to the COVID-19.

Our teams are fully briefed on all coronavirus developments, and are therefore able to keep you informed on all the latest information and advice relating to your flights. If you wish to receive even more information on the subject and find out what we can do for you, do not hesitate to call us on +41 22 306 1060.

Albinati Aeronautics remains at your disposal and wishes you to stay in good health.