Frequently asked questions

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Please contact us by phone or online for information and to book a flight.

Prices vary but you can expect to pay between 25 to 75% less than a regular private jet charter.

These flights offer a cost-effective way to travel in luxury. However, unlike traditional private jet travel, they require you to be flexible in terms of departure and arrival times, as these are dependent on the original passenger’s flight requirements. It’s also possible that the empty leg flight you book can be canceled if the original passenger cancels their prior flight. Empty leg flights are also one way, so it is up to you to secure another flight back, either through a charter private flight, commercial flight or other means of travel. If you find an empty leg flight you’re interested in, it may be possible to modify flight details. Ask our team for more information.

Also called a “dead legs” or “one-way transient” flight, an empty leg is a connecting flight on a chartered aircraft used to pick up a passenger at a different airport. Details on empty leg charters are usually released a few days prior to departure.

These flights are sometimes up to 70% cheaper than a regular private charter fare. If your schedule is flexible and open to changes, empty legs may be a great way to save.

Aside from the issue of flexibility related to when and where the flight arrives or departs, once on-board your experience with Albinati Aeronautics will be exactly as you would expect it with the same quality of service and safety you’re accustomed to.