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Albinati Aeronautics flies the Swiss flag with pride!

Albinati Aeronautics flies the Swiss flag with pride!

Swiss excellence has been Albinati Aeronautics’ signature style for almost 20 years. Founded in 2001 and run by CEO Stefano Albinati, the company of the same name values its standing as an independent operator, by which it upholds a line of conduct and its values.

Albinati Aeronautics obtained its Swiss Air Operator Certificate (AOC) * 2005 and does not intend to leave it anytime soon. The Albinati Aeronautics headquarters are in Geneva, with an additional two satellite offices in Malta and Turin under the Albinati Aviation entities. In addition to the Swiss AOC, Albinati Aeronautics also operates under a Maltese AOC in order to offer its demanding international clientele a customized service.

Albinati Aeronautics manages more than 20 aircraft, some under the Swiss flag. With the largest fleet of Bombardier Global in Switzerland, it is one of the very few business aviation management companies that provides all services in-house: a specialized CAMO team for each of the major manufacturers (Bombardier, Dassault, Cessna and Gulfstream) and 24/7 active operations from Albinati Aeronautics headquarters in Geneva.

Security is part of the DNA of the prestigious Genevan institution. "We are proud of our reputation of Swiss excellence abroad and we congratulate ourselves on the rigour we put into our daily processes to preserve it," says Stefano Albinati, founder and CEO. "We are certified by the most demanding safety labels in the world, such as IS-BAO, and can operate in Europe as well as around the world," he continues.

Albinati Aeronautics recently marked 18 years operating an impressive fleet under the red flag with a white cross and looks forward to continuing for the long term.

* The Swiss AOC is issued by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) in Bern.