Albinati Aeronautics and Albinati Aviation are committed to never compromise on safety and undertake to devote all the energy, resources and means necessary to keep safety-related matters as a priority concern in all our activities. 

Rapid PCR test:

Departing from Geneva, we offer a new rapid PCR test service with guaranteed results in 40 minutes.

You have the possibility to perform the tests directly at the airport handling or if you wish to save time, you can perform the test at the laboratory in Geneva with a guaranteed appointment without waiting. The laboratory will begin examining your test during your transfer to the airport. The results will be sent to you by QR code on your phone.

Price: CHF 400

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we want our customers to know that our crew members and our ground personnel have been equipped, instructed and trained to mitigate and reduce to the lowest the risks inherent to travelling those days.

We have implemented a series of policies to protect our employees and their families by adopting the remote working mode to the maximum extent, our partners, and our customers, by either adopting new measures or by strengthening those already in place.

  • Disinfection level of our aircraft interior with appropriate products has been raised to the maximum.
  • Our whole fleet of aircraft is equipped with Universal Precaution kits and is covered with MedAire – on-board immediate medical assistance for the benefit of our passengers and crew members.
  • Our crew members are trained on the measures to put in place and the assistance to be provided if a passenger becomes unwell. They are also fully aware and prepared to protect our customers and themselves from viruses and bacteria and are equipped with all necessary and appropriate items such as gloves, hand sanitizers, disinfectants for cabin surfaces, etc.
  • Our crew members are fully aware and trained on the measures to adopt to protect our customers, the aircraft and themselves from viruses and bacteria.
  • Our personnel have been instructed on the hygienic measures to be adopted and have been equipped with the adequate personal sanitiser products. They are aware of the World Health Organisation recommendations, as well as of the Government recommendations of the visited countries on health and hygiene best practices. They are closely monitored and we make sure chartered aircraft and crew do not visit highly affected areas.
  • Our companies fully comply with authorities as regards Passenger Locator forms.
  • Our aircraft scheduling is under strict control in order to reduce time on the ground to the minimum.
  • We have stopped flying into those countries highly affected by COVID-19.

Albinati Aeronautics and Albinati Aviation have been awarded the Argus Platinum Certification, meaning that the highest standards of safety are embedded in our daily routine. Nonetheless, we relentlessly strive at surpassing them to make sure our customers can continue to rely on us and feel safe in all circumstances when on-board our aircraft throughout the coming months.

 We remain fully available to our customers and partners for all areas of the business.