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The new GPS procedure at Samedan Airport

The new GPS procedure at Samedan Airport

Samedan Airport (IATA: SMV, ICAO: LSZS), also known as Engadin Airport, is a swiss regional airport located in the Engadin valley and 5 km north-east from St. Moritz.

From now on, and since December 5th, Samedan (LSZS) regional airport is accessible by IFR (Instrument flight rules). Until then, it was only accessible in visual flight with very high weather minima. The airport serves a world tourist destination with many events of great attraction.

Business jets can now operate at Samedan airport with a visibility of 5 kilometers and a cloud ceiling of 3,200ft. 

With the introduction of the GNSS-IFR process, the online briefing has been revised and moved to a new platform to improve content and usability. All pilots must register and complete the new briefing with test, which is valid for 24 months.

A GNSS-IFR approach is a published instrument approach procedure that eliminates the need for ground-based radionavigation (LOC, Glide, VOR, NDB and DME). The advantage of this approach is the removal of the ground beacons with a reduction in associated maintenance costs.

Business jets can now operate at Samedan Airport with a visibility of 5 kilometers and a cloud ceiling of 3,200 feet.

In addition, from 2021, the buildings of the airport of St. Moritz inaugurated in 1938 will be enlarged and renewed. Indeed, important infrastructures will be replaced to guarantee the safety of the activities. A new terminal will be introduced, it will be covered with large windows overlooking the woods, it will also be offered a new control tower, new offices and a new dining area. Southwest of the airport, new hangars for helicopters will be built, including for the REGA (Swiss Air Guard), but also for other private companies.

The work will take place without interrupting the activity of the company which employs thirty people. The airport has a 1,800 meter runway on which large planes such as a Boeing 737 have landed in the past, the company plans in the future to increase charter flights, in collaboration with the palaces of St. Moritz.