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It’s not only a jet

It’s not only a jet

Albinati Aeronautics is pleased to launch its latest advertising campaign, It's not only a jet. After the success of the previous campaign, Why do exceptional people choose the exception?, which featured our core business image and the company’s impressive fleet of managed aircraft, the Geneva-based corporate aviation company has this time adopted a more disruptive approach, but in a subtly Swiss way.

“Because we offer a bespoke service to all our clients, we wanted to forge a different path from that of the other actors in our field,” Stefano Albinati, founder and CEO of Albinati Aeronautics, says. This campaign evokes the benefits of working with Albinati Aeronautics – from incomparable service to the highest safety standards and the utmost transparency in everything we do.  It is a one-stop operation where owners can find all of their aviation management needs.

Stefano’s passion for aviation started at a very young age and has only grown stronger over the years.  With this campaign Albinati Aeronautics aims to fuel the passion for flying and the excellence that is demonstrated by the Albinati Aeronautics team everyday. 

"Swiss excellence flown with passion"