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Insight into the private aviation industry

Insight into the private aviation industry

“When the market started to turn in 2008, a natural selection process took place. Today the key players in private aviation are those that can afford to be there.

To survive any crisis, you have to become more efficient and more creative than when business is simply flowing on its own. At Albinati Aeronautics, with our focus on aircraft management, we have always committed to delivering Swiss-quality service, no matter the financial climate. Clients come to us because we’re a family run business, and they know that I’m involved in everything. If there’s a problem, they know my number. I see this as a great asset for our customers.

Because the industry has changed so much over the past ten years, the challenge now is to remain focused and to continue delivering on our quality guarantee. Before 2008, ‘anyone’ could have a management company, there were so many aircraft – some manufacturers were producing 140 planes a year compared to 35 now. 

The industry is now showing signs of recovery – buyers are beginning to realize that the time has come to acquire a plane. The market’s slow recovery coupled with renewed interest from buyers will help absorb the remaining inventory that came as a result of the crisis in 2008.”