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Ensuring top cabin service

Ensuring top cabin service

We, at Albinati Aeronautics, are driven by a desire for excellence fuelled by a true passion for flying. This motto reflects daily in our operations, in particular when dealing with our exacting clientele. We cater to our customers’ needs and wishes with meticulous attention to detail, we commit to their utmost comfort and we focus on their absolute safety.  

Our 120-strong team professionals is highly motivated, well trained and provided with all the necessary resources to ensure top service at all levels.

Our crew provide a private jet flight experience beyond expectations. They are ambassadors of both our values and quality level, and therefore are carefully selected for their professionalism and interpersonal skills.

Our flight attendants are regularly trained in specialized cuisine and interpersonal communication to deal with our highly demanding customers and to maintain a top level of service.

Albinati Aeronautics recently concluded a partnership with a prestigious Swiss hospitality business school for the provision of business aviation-oriented service and culinary trainings. This encompasses practical courses such as service techniques, menu planning, food plating, hygiene and safety, wine and food pairing. Theoretical courses include verbal and non-verbal knowledge, multicultural communication, dress code and more.   

Both our pilots and flight attendants undergo technical trainings which include crew medical training, dangerous goods, fire and smoke training, as well as emergency and safety equipment training and security.

The level of service and catering are considered as value-adding aspects of business aviation and we, at Albinati Aeronautics, recognize this. We have established valuable relationships with hand-picked suppliers and therefore can offer the best selection of food and beverages. Products served on board our aircraft come from world-renowned Michelin-star restaurants (e.g. Lenôtre, Alain Ducasse, Café Pushkin, Nobu, Sumosan) and members of “Leading hotels of the world” (e.g. La Réserve Genève, Four Seasons, Saint-Régis, Ritz-Carlton). And to add a delicate touch to the exclusive catering, our long-term partner, the renowned Swiss chocolatier “Tristan”, offers a selection of handmade chocolate.

Should you wish to experience the top-level service on board our aircraft during your next journey, do not hesitate to contact us by calling our Charter Sales department on +41 22 306 1060 or by sending an email to

Geneva – Malta, December 2015