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A high safety standard

Our goal of providing high-quality service is supported by the fact that all of our flight personnel are permanent, full-time employees. Along with this status comes a continuing education requirement that enables our flight crews to meet the company’s standards and fulfill its intent to provide a very high level of safety.

We ensure that our pilots are extremely well trained and accustomed to dealing with clients used to high standards of comfort. Their licenses meet the JAR-FCL 1 European standards, and they are subject to a very strict medical checkup as well.

Pilot training follows the company’s stringent flight control procedures. In terms of practical skills, our pilots must undergo refresher training on flight simulators at approved training centers once every six months. From a theoretical standpoint, they are given in-house training by specialist instructors at regular intervals. In addition, their knowledge is tested on an ongoing basis through skill tests administered by our flight examiners.

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