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For more information regarding aircraft with capacity of over 14 passengers please contact our Charter Sales Department directly.
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Additionnal notes

The solution for private operations

As of 25th of August 2016, all non-commercial operators of complex aircraft that have their principal place of business or residence in EASA Member States have to comply with Part-NCC, a new European regulation aiming to bring the safety level of non-commercial operations closer to the standards applicable to commercial airlines.  

Our expertise

Albinati Aeronautics has always made operational safety its highest priority, and has been delivering on this promise for over 16 years. Since 2009, the company also qualifies as an IS-BAO Stage II approved operator (*).

This means that not only we are qualified to meet Part-NCC requirements but we also can identify and evaluate your specific needs to satisfy these requirements.

Our Services 

The appeal of the family office model we implement is that any thorny regulations issues can be addressed in a wholly customized manner without impact on your flying habits.

We offer cost-effective solutions and a full range of Swiss high quality services:

 Development and implementation of Operation Manuals;
 Implementation of Safety Management System (SMS);
 Audits and inspections of aircraft and operations;
 Ensuring pilots’ currencies and qualifications to carry out their flight duties safely; 
 Ensuring continuing airworthiness;
 Ensuring that authority requirements are fully met. 

Every offered solution is driven purely by the needs and preferences of the underlying operation. Thanks to our solid aviation expertise, we take full operational accountability and responsibility while maintaining the flexibility private jet owners are used to.

Should you wish to receive more information on the subject and find out what we can do for you, do not hesitate to call us on +41 22 306 1060 or send an email to

(*) IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) is a recommended code of best practices designed to help flight departments worldwide achieve high-levels of safety and professionalism which was granted official European recognition as an industry standard for business aircraft operations. Non-Commercial operators can list IS-BAO Implementation and Registration as an alternative means of compliance used in meeting the requirements of NCC regulations.

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