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Albinati Aeronautics actively supports the Théodora Foundation because we strongly believe that children in hospital need laughter. If you share our concern and wish to find out more, please contact us or the Théodora Foundation.

Thank you.

Théodora Foundation
Address: Ch. du Bief 6bis - 1027 Lonay - CH
T: 021 811 51 91
F: 021 811 51 90






Through involvement and corporate social responsibility program, Albinati Aeronautics has implemented measures and has carried out actions to improve waste management and reduce energy consumption in order to minimize the environmental impact of its activities.

We are focused on waste sorting and have implemented energy-saving measures which comply with the municipal, cantonal and federal objectives and requirements.  

As a result, and for the third consecutive year, Albinati Aeronautics has been certified and found to comply with the requirements of the Eco-Label standard.  

The objective of this certification is to encourage waste sorting, improve recycling rates and limit energy consumption.



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