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For more information regarding aircraft with capacity of over 14 passengers please contact our Charter Sales Department directly.
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Additionnal notes

Board to board services

Business aviation allows you to save precious time. However, once in the air, a private jet is flying at the same speed as an airliner, so everything is played on the ground.

With Albinati Aeronautics, you can arrive at the airport and board to your plane for an immediate takeoff. You can then used the time saved to relax with our onboard services.

Our ground services allow you to meet and communicate directly with our pilots, to know the plan fight, the meteological conditions during the flight and at your destination. You can also talk to our flight crew for any questions regarding your requirements.

While airlines compete creatively to offer lounges, Albinati Aeronautics allows you to get completely away. Of course, we offer V.I.P. lounges in all airports accessible to private jets, but you have the choice to use them or not. Indeed, you do not have to wait, you can simply board directly on your plane.

In order to speed up the transport process from one plane to another, we coordinate "meet and greet" and "board to board" services.

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