Also known as the "white island", Ibiza is an island in the Balearic Islands, a Spanish archipelago in the Mediterranean.

Famous for its lively nightlife, Ibiza becomes Europe's leading destination for private jets in summer. July and August being the months with the highest number of passengers on the island, our customers prefer the private jet to avoid delays and airline crowds.

Free to choose your schedules, you will have time by choosing Albinati Aeronautics to fully enjoy the beautiful beaches that the island of Ibiza offers, whether for a night or for a longer stay.

Luxury tourists cross paths with famous DJs who arrive by private jet to mix in the legendary Ibiza festivals.

Ibiza airport, very accessible, is open 24 hours a day in summer and from 6:30 am to 11 pm in winter.
It is located 7 km southwest of the city of Ibiza. The airport has several private jet terminals, easily accessible, which allows you to arrive only 15 minutes before the departure of your private jet flight.